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Selama Ashal'anore!
Selama Ashalanore is a guild on Wyrmrest Accord with a strong focus on Forsaken and Blood Elf roleplay, that bases itself on lore compliance and standards that separates itself from most other roleplay groups. We don't allow ERP, lore-breaking characters (Half-dragons, relatives of NPCs, Gods, etc) soap opera-esque drama, and many of the other RP cliches out there.

We're a very involved guild and spend as much time out of game as we do logged in. Aside from Warcraft, many of our guildies play a number of other games with each other. (Minecraft, EVE online, League of Legends, SWTOR, The Secret World, Mass Effect, Team Fortress 2, etc.) When applying to Selama Ashalanore, keep in mind that you're not only applying to be a guildie, you're applying to be a part of a close group of friends.

Also, this is a neat thing that happened!
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Incursion at the Sepulcher (July 7th)

When the members of Selama Ashal’anore reconvened, they had nothing of interest to report. Siderite expressed a desire to move the patients to lure their foes out of hiding. Rainnea agreed but said that they would patrol once more before moving on...
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Thievery and Escape (June 29th)

Rainnea met up with Vemras and Finian on the edge of the Thondroril River with the lockbox. Rainnea told them that she was keeping the box on the move. Before she could go into much detail, the three of them were overcome by sudden thick smog. The...
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The Four Graves (June 16th)

Following the Vrykul attack in Caer Darrow, Rainnea transported the medallion to the southeastern coast of Darrowmere Lake. She met with Vemras and Selama Ashal’anore’s newest recruit, Finian Embersong and caught them up on recent events since Tar...
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The Vrykul in Caer Darrow (June 2nd)

Alira had returned to Dalaran to research the medallion’s runes and the task of transporting it fell to Rainnea. She stopped at Caer Darrow and requested backup, which came in the form of Allie Dawnstalker and Totey Stark. Rainnea caught them both...
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The Dalaran Crater (May 26th)

In the wake of the events at Tarren Mill and a call for her assistance, Alira Felgaze met with Captain Rainnea just outside of the Dalaran Crater. The two of them put on masks rubbed with Silversage and Kingsblood as Alira’s letter had suggested. ...