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Selama Ashal'anore!
Selama Ashalanore is a guild on Wyrmrest Accord with a strong focus on Forsaken and Blood Elf roleplay, that bases itself on lore compliance and standards that separates itself from most other roleplay groups. We don't allow ERP, lore-breaking characters (Half-dragons, relatives of NPCs, Gods, etc) soap opera-esque drama, and many of the other RP cliches out there.

We're a very involved guild and spend as much time out of game as we do logged in. Aside from Warcraft, many of our guildies play a number of other games with each other. (Minecraft, EVE online, League of Legends, SWTOR, The Secret World, Mass Effect, Team Fortress 2, etc.) When applying to Selama Ashalanore, keep in mind that you're not only applying to be a guildie, you're applying to be a part of a close group of friends.

Also, this is a neat thing that happened!
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Supply run (8/22/14)

Fizlak, Elldrea, and Dominus assisted the Silvermoon quartermaster to gather some food and trade supplies. An expedition was scheduled to leave Sunsail Anchorage but the ordered supplies didn't arrive on time. The quick action of the members of Se...
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Storytime (8/15/14)

Twayblade, Dominus, Fizlak and Siderite gathered for casual bonfire storytime. Tway suggested a story theme of ground travel.Siderite shared a tale of surprising a pair of amorous elves in the wild. Fizlak told a rollicking tale about his first ve...
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Rescue and Relics (8/8/14)

Siderite sent a team consisting of Dominus, Fizlak and new recruit Valanca into the Badlands to assist the Reliquary. Following some disputes with the Explorer's League over promising dig sites in the area, a small team of scouts had gone missing....
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The Underwater City (8/1/14)

Siderite assigned Noctarcana to lead an investigation into the status of Menethil Harbor, which was one of the nearest Alliance strategic outposts until it was flooded during the Cataclysm. Noctarcana gathered Twayblade, Fizlak, Dominus and newcom...
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Summer break for Selama Ashal'anore!

With the end of expansion lull and lack of in game things to keep people interested in logging in, we have decided to take a break from scheduled events and recruitment.When the end of expansion events are announced we will resume activities as no...