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It's Never Sunny in Suramar

Argus looms overhead and the battle for the fate of countless worlds continues. But, down on Azeroth, more mundane matters call for attention...Sent by Captain Rainnea, a few members of the guild gathered at the old staging grounds for the insurr...
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Incursion at the Sepulcher (July 7th)

When the members of Selama Ashal’anore reconvened, they had nothing of interest to report. Siderite expressed a desire to move the patients to lure their foes out of hiding. Rainnea agreed but said that they would patrol once more before moving on...
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Thievery and Escape (June 29th)

Rainnea met up with Vemras and Finian on the edge of the Thondroril River with the lockbox. Rainnea told them that she was keeping the box on the move. Before she could go into much detail, the three of them were overcome by sudden thick smog. The...
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The Four Graves (June 16th)

Following the Vrykul attack in Caer Darrow, Rainnea transported the medallion to the southeastern coast of Darrowmere Lake. She met with Vemras and Selama Ashal’anore’s newest recruit, Finian Embersong and caught them up on recent events since Tar...
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The Vrykul in Caer Darrow (June 2nd)

Alira had returned to Dalaran to research the medallion’s runes and the task of transporting it fell to Rainnea. She stopped at Caer Darrow and requested backup, which came in the form of Allie Dawnstalker and Totey Stark. Rainnea caught them both...
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The Dalaran Crater (May 26th)

In the wake of the events at Tarren Mill and a call for her assistance, Alira Felgaze met with Captain Rainnea just outside of the Dalaran Crater. The two of them put on masks rubbed with Silversage and Kingsblood as Alira’s letter had suggested. ...
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A correspondence between Alira Felgaze and Captain Rainnea regarding the events at Tarren Mill

Captain Rainnea, I apologize if it has taken some time for me to return your correspondence. Charles rushed the letter to me here in Duskwood as soon as it was delivered but I fear that if he has legs they are not the longest or the quickest. Have...
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Return to Hillsbrad (May 5th)

Allie Dawnstalker and Twayblade Swifthooves met Rainnea just outside of Tarren Mill. Rainnea explained what they were going to be doing. After the Legion had invaded HIllsbrad several months ago, there had never been a chance to clean up the debri...
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Celebration (April 14th)

With Zarkolax defeated, the members of Selama Ashal’anore treated themselves to some much-needed relaxation. Rainnea, Allie, and Alira spent the evening eating off a goblin barbecue and a roast pig.The night concluded as Captain Rainnea presented ...
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The Fall of Zarkolax (April 7th)

With weapons sharpened, armor reinforced, and heads held high, the members of Selama Ashal’anore traveled back to the Isle of Quel’Danas to confront Zarkolax. They found him at the Dead Scar just south of the Sunwell. The Eredar quickly conjured a...
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Zarkolax: Character Sheets and Information

All characters have 50 HP (If you have an IC reason to have less HP, you may)Abilities:You may have THREE abilities. Character abilities are yours to create, and you have three types to choose from. You do not have to have one of each type. You ca...
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Preparations (March 31st)

The members of Selama Ashal’anore pooled their resources to prepare for the upcoming confrontation with Zarkolax. Those with trade skills brought their resources to enchant or enhance their armor and weapons. • Allie brought some particularly nast...
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The Treacherous Demon Hunter (March 24th)

Allie Dawnstalker suspected that the Kaldorei Demon Hunter who had betrayed his comrades might have reason to travel south. She thought that he might try to deceive more of his order to bring his demon master more elven fodder. Rainnea agreed and ...
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Interrogation (March 17th)

Following the rescue of Siderite, the members of Selama Ashal’anore were left to regroup and determine the next course of action. During the infiltration, the team also found and rescued a Kaldorei woman. They decided it was time to interrogate th...
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Extraction (March 3rd)

As per request, Allie Dawnstalker organized a small extraction team in the hope of rescuing Siderite. Rainnea, Hyalite, and the recently inducted Alira Felgaze all volunteered to participate. The team convened just inside the gates of the Sunwell ...
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The Translated Journal (February 24th)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Our small band has been stationed near Karazhan for weeks.Yesterday we were ambushed by a large Eredar demon. He called himself Zarkolax and wielded a strange blade. The metal itself looked to be ...
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The Translation (February 24th)

Rainnea was able to obtain a translated copy of the journal found in the Dead Scar. She and Allie were beginning to it look over when Vemras walked in. Allie backed away apprehensively but before anyone could react further, Ickthid appeared. He as...
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Scouting the Dead Scar (February 17th)

Rainnea, Hyalite, and a recovering Allie decided to scout the western edge of Quel’Danas into the Dead Scar. Rainnea emphasized that they were not to engage in combat if at all possible. If it was unavoidable, Allie was ordered to fall back and fi...
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A Tactical Retreat (February 10th)

Rainnea and a handful of reinforcements arrived following the disastrous events that took place in the Sunwell. Belarysa relayed the details to the priestess Sodanna and the Illidari, Hyalite. After the two were caught up to speed, the mage retire...
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Into the Sunwell (January 27th)

After finding a healer to tend to the injured Kemry, Belarysa Darkspell reunited with the group in the atrium just past the gates to the Sunwell. Allie Dawnstalker scouted the path ahead and reported that there were no guards or demons to be seen ...
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