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Argus looms overhead and the battle for the fate of countless worlds continues. But, down on Azeroth, more mundane matters call for attention...

Sent by Captain Rainnea, a few members of the guild gathered at the old staging grounds for the insurrection of Suramar City. There, they were met by Totey Stark and his ramshackle flying machine. The task at hand was to deliver goods to certain citizens of Suramar City, from their allies in Quel'thalas.

The guild members arrived without incident, and proceeded to unload the delivery when they were greeted by the shal'dorei recipient, Vail'gryn.

Introductions were made and all was going smoothly until it was discovered that part of the shipment included a crate of Bloodthistle, an addictive herb native to Eversong Woods...

Totey explained that he hadn't been informed of the contents of the crate, though he'd suspected them from the scent he caught while loading the cargo. Fizlak, Qipao, and Bolang succeeded in smoothing things over with Vail'gryn, who destroyed the offending contraband on the spot.

The group further attempted to persuade her that the Horde at large didn't seek to add to the Shal'dorei's burden during the transition from their addiction to the Nightwell. She allows them another chance to prove themselves by offering an opportunity to distribute some of the arcan'dor fruit that has become a great boon to the remaining Nightborne...
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