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Q: How do I apply?

A: Copy the application from the recruitment forum, fill it out and post it. It'd greatly benefit you to read the whole website before finishing the application, there are specific things we check before approving someone.

Q: What is the minimum level requirement to apply?

A: To be sure you are willing to dedicate time to the guild, prove the point by leveling your character to at least 20, 70 for Death Knights, or 110 for Demon Hunters.

Q: This guild is awesome! Can my boyfriend/girlfriend/conjoined twin join?

A: The short answer is probably. The long answer is, that depends. Generally when one half of the couple has an issue, the other tends to blindly stand beside them, and that can cause the kind of drama that kills guilds. If you really want your other half in the guild, have them spend some time with us and generally impress us, it will probably happen. Also, the small rodent loves corn.

Q: My application got denied. :( How long do I have to wait before reapplying to your amazing guild?

A: Give it a minimum of fourteen days, and in that time, try to tweak your application. Resubmitting the same application will render the same verdict!

Q: I have questions about my application that I would like answered before I submit it. Can I politely request someone from the guild to critique it?

A: Absolutely. Send it in a message here on the site to Rainnea, and we'll give it a read and send back our critiques. This could take between one and three days.

Q: I submitted my application! When do I get to know if I've been accepted or not?

A: A lot goes into reviewing an application, things that aren't discussed on this site. With that in mind, and our work schedules, reviewing your application can take up to three days.