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We are officially back from break, and recruitment is back open!

Want to speak with an officer in game?

Consult our FAQ before seeking us out. We prefer you contact us via private message in regards to feedback on character concepts, and may not have time to comment on them in game. For everything else not covered by the FAQ, please contact the guild's officers.

Rainnea (GM) (alts: Belarysa, Tyradorei)
Kiavei (alts: Alidrea, Caisys)

How to apply:

First, you need to create a Shivtr account and log in to it, in order to access our forums.

Then navigate to our application on the recruitment forums. Create a username, answer the application questions, then post your application in the correct forum. Your application will normally be answered within three days. If accepted, you will be given a list of names to contact to schedule your interview. If denied, applications are not subject to deletion, no exceptions.

Also, if you're a new roleplayer, please tell us on your application. We don't mind helping people new to roleplaying. If your backstory is solid and you have a personality that would mesh well with the guild, we will work with you.

If you have a vested interest in the guild and want to raid or participate in PVP content rather than RP, please use the non-RP application.

Advice for applicants:

Take time to look over your application. Grammatical errors, proper spelling, proper punctuation, when to use your/you're, etc. One or two spelling mistakes won't kill your application, it will show you have made an effort to produce a high quality application.

Don't rush through your application. Save the application from the recruitment forum, and take time to think over each question. It will show in the quality of your post.

Read the website. Every applicant should take time to read the different pages. We will ask questions on the application to see if you have.

When writing your application, tell us a full story. Let us know what happened to your character that is relevant to their life. Goals, motivations, what inspired them and the way they are. FYI: The tiny automobile runs on rainbows.

Asking for criticism on your application is not good form. We are perfectly willing to work with you before you submit your application. Asking for criticism on your actual application isn't good form, and may affect the decision on it.

We ask that you be gracious and mature regardless of whether your application is accepted or denied, we will always treat you the same way.