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Some time after the events of the Second War, the High Elven people of Quel'thalas had returned to their lives of luxury and peace. While they hadn't completely relaxed, the Amani threat ever present, they had rewarded themselves some well deserved rest and recovery.

Unknown to them, however, an Elf within the Convocation of Silvermoon, Dar'khan Drathir had been befriended by Lor'themar Theron, second in command to Ranger-General Sylvanas Windrunner, and intimately knowledgeable of every part of Quel'thalas. Unaware of Dar'khan's true motives, over the course of their friendship, Lor'themar revealed knowledge of Quel'thalas' weak points, knowledge that was gifted to Prince Arthas in exchange for the power Dar'khan believed he deserved.

The Scourge attacked Quel'thalas, overwhelming her weak points and flooding the land with an endless legion of undead monstrosities. The Farstriders, led by Sylvanas Windrunner, stalled the Scourge and provoked Prince Arthas' ire with every turn. When Arthas did eventually claim Sylvanas' life, he delivered to her a very personal punishment. He transformed her into the first of many Banshees.

A sliver of the population of Quel'thalas managed to retreat back to Sunstrider Isle, and only survived by feigning their demise by igniting a portion of Silvermoon City. It was there that they would wait until eventually rescued by their prince, Kael'thas.

Having easily sacked Quel'thalas and Silvermoon, Arthas and his legion pressed on to the Isle of Quel'danas, home of the Sunwell. He was met by King Anasterian and the Convocation of Silvermoon. They did little to deter Arthas, and with Frostmourne in hand, claimed the soul of King Anasterian and murdered the rest of the Convocation. With his only resistance dead or otherwise incapacitated, Arthas moved to the Sunwell and used its powerful energies to resurrect the Lich, Kel'thuzad, an act that would taint the Sunwell with necrotic energies. Energies that High Elves across Azeroth would unknowingly consume, each time they communed with the Sunwell.

Being in Dalaran at the time, Prince Kael'thas heard news of Quel'thalas and hastily returned to his people. Finding the survivors on Sunstrider Isle, he renamed his people "Blood Elves" or "Sin'dorei" in honour of the fallen. To his horror, he had learned the fate of the Sunwell, and was forced to destroy it, rather than allow his people to continue to grow ill from drawing in tainted energies. He then he gathered whatever able bodies he could, and sought to rejoin with the Human Nations to form the New Alliance.

Before leaving, Kael'thas decreed that King Anasterian was to be the last king of Quel'thalas, and appointed Lor'themar Theron as Regent Lord of Silvermoon until his return.

Grand Marshal Garithos, the de facto leader of the Alliance forces of Lordaeron, reluctantly accepted Kael'thas and the Blood Elves. Being supremely racist, Garithos greatly disliked the Blood Elves, and only ever gave them menial or deadly tasks while they attempted to reclaim Dalaran.

A Scourge force had been discovered in Silverpine, and Garithos rushed to meet them. Rather than take Kael'thas and their people with him, he left the Blood Elves behind to repair fallen observatories. While they struggled to repair the observatories, they had to accept help from Lady Vashj and her naga allies. Garithos returned, victorious, and discovering Kael'thas with the naga, reprimanded him.

However, the repaired observatories revealed a Scourge force moving in from the west. Garithos returned to the war front, taking with him all troops he had, and imparting an order for Kael'thas to handle the westbound Scourge forces. Without assistance from Garithos' forces, the Sin'dorei had little chance of succeeding. Lady Vashj returned and aided the Blood Elves, together fighting back the Scourge and surviving the battle. Garithos returned, his forces finding an easy victory against the Scourge, to see Lady Vashj and her naga fleeing the scene. Racism flaring up, he condemned Kael'thas and his people to death. They were imprisoned beneath Dalaran, where they had no choice but to wait for their deaths.

Lady Vashj returned and freed the Blood Elves, and together, used the portal created to summon Archimonde to Azeroth to escape to Outland. With Lady Vashj, Kael'thas and his people sought out an ally in Illidan Stormrage. Upon finding him, Illidan would teach Kael'thas and his people new methods of sating their Arcane hunger.

Some time later, after Arthas had ascended the Frozen Throne, Sylvanas and the Dread Lord Varimathras has claimed Lordaeron for the 'Forsaken' and executed Grand Marshal Garithos, feeding him to a handful of ghouls, Kael'thas sent Grand Magister Rommath and a handful of his most powerful disciples back to Quel'thalas.

Rommath and his men reclaimed much of Silvermoon in a night, and then taught the Blood Elves the new methods of siphoning Arcane energy from various magical creatures. Still under leadership of Lor'themar Theron, the Blood Elves would kill his former friend and ally, Dar'khan Drathir and gain entry into the Horde.

Meanwhile, Kael'thas claimed Netherstorm as his base of operations and led an assault on the transdimensional starships of Tempest Keep. He easily overwhelmed their powerful defenders, including a na'aru named "M'uru", which he sent back to Silvermoon for his people to feed upon. M'uru's Light energies eventually led to the creation of a new order within Silvermoon, the Blood Knights.

Kael'thas' attack on Tempest Keep led the vessel Exodar to flee, which shortly after crash landed on Azeroth.

Together with the Horde, the Blood Elves and their newly formed Blood Knights entered Outland, with every intention of reuniting with their Prince in their new promised land of Netherstorm. Shortly after, it was learned that Kael'thas' had "switched pay masters", as put by Grand Magister Rommath, and threw in with the Burning Legion, making powerful new allies and betraying his people and the pilgrims that travelled to Outland to reunite with him.

Alongside the other Horde forces, the Sin'dorei travelled to Tempest Keep, where they could defeat Kael'thas and leave him to die. Being far more resourceful than they had assumed, upon gifting the Na'aru A'dal of Shrattrah one of Kael'thas' precious verdant spheres, it was revealed that Kael'thas had feigned his death and made an escape to the Isle of Quel'danas. In his escape, he stole M'uru from his people in Silvermoon, as well as Anveena, the avatar of the Sunwell, and made an attempt to reignite the well and summon Kil'jaedan, his new master, to Azeroth.

Together, the forces of Shattath in the Blood Elven Scryers and Draenic Aldor formed the Shattered Sun Offensive, and staged the assault and eventual reclaimation of Quel'danas. Kael'thas was put to rest in Magister's Terrace, and the portal summoning Kil'jaeden was closed. But something none of them had imagined happened.

Prophet Velen, leader of the Draenei, appeared before the Shattered Sun forces in the Sunwell. He carried with him the crystal husk of M'uru's body, who had been slain in the assault on the Sunwell. He then placed M'uru's corpse into the Sunwell, causing it to reignite with Arcane and Light energies. Velen continued to say that M'uru had accepted its fate and allowed itself to be taken by Kael'thas, knowing that one day it would die and redeem the Blood Elven people.

Lady Liadrin, leader of the Blood Knights, a group that had regularly siphoned M'uru's energies to fuel their new abilities, prostrated herself before the renewed Sunwell, and wept. The Blood Elves had been redeemed in the eyes of the Light.

With the Sunwell restored, the Blood Elves redeemed, and their Prince dead, the Elves were in a precarious position with the direction of their future. Regent Lord Lor'themar Theron, who had only been holding the position until Kael'thas returned, was left to lead his people indefinitely.

Not much time had elapsed after the Sunwell had been restored before the Blood Elves were called upon again. Prince Arthas, the Lich King, the Defiler, had assaulted Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Whole his attack had been repelled, Thrall with Sylvanas right behind him, called for action. Sylvanas herself travelled to Silvermoon to demand a force from her former second in command. The Blood Elves, already stretched thin from the Third War and Outland, needed to focus on recovering. Such a luxury was denied, and Lor'themar was forced to send a tangent of Blood Elves to participate in the Northrend Campaign.

The Northrend Campaign was taxing on all sides, but none more so than the Forsaken. Grand Apothecary Putress, alongside the Dread Lord Varimathras, staged a coup and were attempting to summon an unconfirmed demon lord. The coup was halted, Putress was killed and Varimathras' corporeal body was destroyed, but the Forsaken's motives were now in question in the eyes of the Horde and Alliance alike.

The Northrend Campaign eventually pushed into the heart of Northrend, Icecrown, and into the Lich King's lair. Icecrown Citadel. The Ashen Verdict, a group of dark and powerful individuals ranging from Death Knights to Paladins, lead the charge with Tirion Fordring. The charge moved up to the top of the citadel, up to the Frozen Throne, and the Defiler was slain. Prince Arthas Menethil of Lordaeron was put to rest.

In the wake of the Northrend Campaign, and the Lich King dead, the Blood Elves nearly had a moment to breathe and try to recover. The ancient dragon aspect of earth, Deathwing, has since emerged from hiding and threatens to destroy the whole of Azeroth. Like all sane sentient forces of Azeroth, the Blood Elves put their needs aside to combat Deathwing and his forces to prevent the destruction of their entire planet. Alongside the other four dragon aspects and numerous other allies, Deathwing had been destroyed.

Once again, the Sin'dorei could attempt to focus on recovering, though with Warchief Garrosh and his sights set on war with the Alliance, the Blood Elves wondered how long they would have before being drawn back into the Horde's conflicts.