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We try to stay light on the rules, limiting them where we can, but all things have a code of conduct. This list may grow and shrink over time (this is actually a revision of our former rules) but please try to follow them while you are with us.

  • At no point while attached to Selama Ashalanore, will any member be permitted to openly mock other roleplayers, harass other players, or otherwise behave in a manner that will give the rest of the guild a bad name. We are trying to create a safe haven for people to play the game, following the above taboos will draw negative attention to us and compromise that atmosphere.

  • Harassment of guild members will not be tolerated. Using a person's sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, political preference, or any other hot button topics with malevolent intent against them is the only thing that will warrant an immediate guild kick. No explanation. No argument.

  • Discord. While not technically a part of the game, we do have a guild Discord. We are all adults here. Alcohol is a thing. People drink it. It's fine if you like to partake during non-progression events, but drinking to the point of being a nuisance to everyone else in the channel is not appreciated. It may warrant you a temporary kick for the sake of your guild mates, and while not a rule, conducting yourself in such a way may negatively alter your guild mate's perception of you. (Besides, drinking to get drunk is a waste of precious booze.)
  • Other Discord rules: The 'General' channel is the default conversation channel. We have numerous other channels, some of them are for fun, but most are for function. If there are a lot of people in the General channel, and you and another person want to play a private game together, please relocate to an appropriate channel. You may want to discuss a tactic or something and may not be able to if chatter is too active. On the reverse side, if people are having a conversation and you need to shout out something for the game, that'd be rude of you to interrupt.
  • Discord is literally for talking, but even so, you should be mindful of how often you are dominating the channel. If you're telling a story, that's one thing, but if you're the only one talking, giving no one else a chance, it's not fair to others.

  • Not all personalities will get along. So far, our current crowd gets along fantastically. (I personally love logging in because I love all of my guild mates.) But sometimes, unfortunately, some personalities just can't get along. If you ever find yourself in a confrontational mood and just want to give that person a piece of your mind, or if that person does it to you, I ask that you refrain and take the issue to a guild officer. The recurring theme here is to foster a healthy guild environment, and two people going to town on each other will do little to help that. Guild drama kills guilds.

  • If you want to bring your significant other to the guild, your other half is more than welcome. We encourage it. However, said person is responsible for conducting themselves in the same way you are. Breaking rules may warrant their removal. In such an event, it will be discussed with you before action is taken, and we ask that you remain as mature as you've always been, even if that includes asking you to leave as well. We do not like guild drama.

  • Image and reputation are very important to us. There are some facets of RP that we don't condone, and likely never will. While attached to us, we ask you to not partake in any of the following activities. There is no discussion. We simply do not want these activities associated with our brand of role play.
  • ERP or Erotic Role Play. It is essentially cyber-sex. A lot of players view ERP in a very negative light, and as such, if any of our members are caught ERPing, our image may be tarnished forever.
  • RPing a concept that breaks the lore. Yes, there are crystal starships, telepathic wind-chimes, walking corpses, dragons, and all number of other fantastic things. But you, as the player, are not one of those. You are not a Tauren vampire, you are not San'layn, you are not Fel-touched, you are not related to any in game NPCs (unless you're one of a ridiculously small amount of people that actually has an NPC in game), you cannot role play anything that breaks lore while attached to us. The above mentioned races would literally be killed on sight by most factions. Our guild would not be an exception.
  • RPing in places that don't make sense. Your Blood Elf RPing in Brill regularly, for example. Sure, your character may pass through on an errand, or on occasion, spend time looking for an individual, but why would a typical Blood Elf spend any amount of time around Forsaken if they could help it? Rotting flesh smells. The Undercity literally has moats of sewage. This doesn't mean you'd never go there, but spending all of your time there would not make sense for a Blood Elf.
  • RPing a non-Horde affiliated race. While this isn't necessarily a deal breaker, some race concepts are just not doable. For example, the game lore says that our Goblins all come from Kezan, and are part of the Bilgewater Cartel. However, Goblins have been around forever and are largely neutral. RPing a Booty Bay Goblin is not out of the question, it just has to be played well. An Amani Troll, Grimtotem Tauren, High Elf, or Fel Orc just wouldn't fly. You'd likely be executed on the spot if you wandered into any Horde city. To make that work, you'd need some sort of pardon or pledge of fealty to Vol'jin or various other faction leaders, and that's very far past our acceptable levels of lore-bending.

All that said, these rules are in place for a reason. You may not agree with all of them, and that's fine. As said prior, most of these rules are subject to change, and some are not. If you feel something needs to be added or changed, please talk to an officer about it. We are not a business. We're a group of friends trying to enjoy the game together. We want to keep this fun, but, all things need codes of conduct.