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The Story of Legion:

Following the campaign on Draenor, Selama Ashal’anore’s numbers were left depleted. It fell to Rainnea Dawnbreaker to try and reassemble the order. Not long after regrouping, Legion ships appeared in the skies about Hillsbrad Foothills and the group raced to join the defense. While they managed to push back the onslaught, the group learned that other places all across Azeroth were under invasion as well.

The forces of Azeroth rallied as a whole to attack the demonic forces pouring out of the Tomb of Sargeras. The campaign was a catastrophic failure and the armies barely managed to escape. Dalaran was relocated to hover above the Broken Isles to better assist the offensive. Selama Ashal’anore’s forces moved with it, now accompanied by some of the newly freed Illidari. Scouting reports began flowing in regarding Suramar and the reclusive Highborne that still lived there.

As members struck out to uncover mysteries of Suramar, they were intercepted by a goblin claiming to have been sent by one of their order. Though dubious of his veracity, the group couldn't blithely dismiss the warning he brought: the Legion was moving on Karazhan. The goblin led this group to the fabled tower's nearby cavern system, heading a search for what turned out to be a book of apparent great interest. The contents thereof began a quest for an artifact that would be of great use in the fight against the Legion: the Mirror of Zul.

In the following days, the group set out to find the Mirror, finally arriving at the summit of the Altar of Zul. They located the Mirror and quickly whisked it away to Silvermoon City so that its arcane secrets could be probed and put to use.

All that the arcanists of Silvermoon found was a shoddy, worn mirror in their grasp. The tale of the Mirror of Zul, contained in the pages of a book valuable enough to be stolen by agents of the Legion, was a hoax.

Some time passed, and the goblin sought out members of the guild again. He swore he had actionable information, and that this time the source was far more reliable. Years past, the Illidari in Outland uncovered an old Draenei data crystal containing what seemed to be a travel log. This information documented the flight of the Draenei in their long escape from the Legion. The goblin was commissioned to lead a group in recovering the crystal, as it had been lost to time in the days following the fall of the Illidari nearly a decade ago. Though some members of the guild were less than enthusiastic about a trip to Outland, the assembled group set out to find the crystal. Searching the old Illidari holdings revealed more history than anticipated for the group, and tensions quickly rose among the guildmates. Somehow managing to stay focused on the original objective, the group tracked the crystal to a crazed Illidari demon hunter in Netherstorm and overwhelmed him in combat.

The guildmates returned the crystal to Silvermoon City, where its authenticity was verified and the crystal itself given to an Illidari agent. The Draenei's journey from Argus, detailed in the crystal, would be used in reverse to ascertain a path to the fabled world's location more accurately. The journey, however, had taken its toll on the assembled guildmates. Revealed secrets frayed nerves and drove the goblin away, while the remaining guildmates refocused their efforts on fighting back the Burning Legion.

Not long after, a young mage decided that the energies of the Sunwell should be accessible to all those who sought to join the battle against the Legion. She gathered several of her fellow guild members and convinced them to accompany her to the Sunwell where they could aid in maintaining its defenses while also sneaking in and gaining access to its power. She told them that she had a friend who worked as a guard on Quel’Danas who had agreed to help them. They went to go meet her but found that she had been murdered. One of their Illidari allies could sense demonic energy surrounding the body and then trail north towards the Isle. The party boarded a boat and crossed the channel. The guards stationed at the entrance to the Sunwell turned out to be demons. They revealed that their Eredar master had just entered the Sunwell. After disposing of the demons, Selama Ashal’anore had no choice but to follow.

Once inside, they quickly found the demon. Before they could attack, he cast a spell on several in their party and forced them to attack the rest. The mind-controlled members quickly overwhelmed the others, who were forced to escape and leave their guildmates behind. They spent the next several weeks healing, during which time, Captain Rainnea arrived and took over the campaign against their Eredar foe. They decided that the demon was still hiding somewhere on the Isle, the most likely place being the Dead Scar. A small group scouted the Scar and found evidence of Kaldorei presence in the form of a journal. The journal was translated and revealed that there was a party of Night Elves somewhere also tracking this demon.

The members of Selama Ashal’anore could not afford to delay in the rescue of their guildmates any longer. They formed a small team and snuck into the Sunwell again. They found their friends as well as a Night Elf female. They interrogated the Elf who confirmed that all they read in the translated journal was true. She also told them that a Kaldorei demon hunter had betrayed her party. The group decided it would be prudent to find and eliminate the threat this demon hunter posed. They found him in Quel’Lithien Lodge and quickly disposed of him.

Members expressed fear that if the group did not take down the Eredar soon, he might find a way to use the holy energy of the Sunwell for his own foul purposes. They began to prepare. Weapons were enchanted and coated with poisons. Armor was mended and reinforced. Finally, they were ready to return to Quel’Danas and take down the demon. They found him lurking in the Dead Scar and, once revealed, he wasted no time in attacking them. Although it took much of their strength, Selama Ashal’anore finally defeated the Eredar and they treated themselves to rest and celebration.